Concert notes: Pansy Division

November 3, 2007

[Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge; October 26, 2007]

Pansy Division totally rocked out at the Middle East Downstairs. I think they are the perfect pop-punk songwriters, and their hilarious and/or touching lyrics are just an added bonus. I was delighted to hear that they are working on a new album, and they played some new songs, including one that Jon Ginoli introduced by saying, “You have to be a certain age to write a song like this.” Someone in the audience yelled out, “Twenty-eight!” Ginoli gently disagreed with the audience member before revealing the title, “Twenty Years of Cock.” I’m really looking forward to the new album, not least because it means they will tour again soon.

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mp3: Pansy Division – I’m Gonna Be a Slut


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  2. […] Division has a special place in the heart of z=z, since their last Cambridge show featured in its very first post. And that show seems to have a warm place in Ginoli’s heart too, as he writes, […]

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