Top indie-rock albums of the last 25 years

March 27, 2008

EW.com’s Best Indie Bands

As if Rachael Ray liking Holy Fuck wasn’t bad enough, Entertainment Weekly decided to take a kick at the indie-rock can with their special supplement on The Indie Rock 25. The format – exactly one release from each year since 1984 – is pretty much tailor-made to invite disputatious responses. It’s worth checking out, if only to contrast the picture of REM in 1986 (the picture in the dead-tree version is dorkier still) to their rock’s-elder-statesmen cover photo on April’s Spin.

[thanks, Chris!]

Got a disputatious response of your own? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

EDIT [May 10, 2008]: Looking for some listening suggestions? Check out these posts:

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A Mountain Goats sampler

Already into indie music? Use the comments to tell us what you’re listening to!


  1. What? Bolo ties aren’t cool anymore?

  2. It’s the monobrow that gets me, actually.

  3. […] I was just browsing over the Rolling Stone 500 albums of all time, and a couple of days ago I saw EW’s Top 25 indie Rock albums, I’ve seen the best covers of all time, the greatest rock songs of all time, I’ve even […]

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