Buy a Freezepop synth, for charity

May 27, 2008

Nord 1 Synth

Kasson Crooker, of Freezepop, is selling a synth. The impetus for the sale is sad (our sympathies to his family):

i’m selling my nord lead 1 synth and donating the proceeds to charity. my dad has cancer and my grandmother died of it so i’m donating the money from this auction to the american cancer society. i’ve had this synth now for 8 years and it’s been through some amazing times with me. … i’ve used this synth on tons of recordings from splashdown to freezepop to symbion project. i’m leaving all my presets in it for you to use and you’ll probably recognize many from splashdown recordings. [more]

He’s throwing in a bunch of Splashdown, Freezepop, and Symbion Project goodies too. The auction ends on the evening of June 3rd. This is your chance to own a bit of music history, and it’s for a great cause  – bid high!

eBay link

[thanks, Erich!]

One comment

  1. Thats nice!!:)Im sorry about your dad and grandmother :`(.I LOVE FREEZEPOP!!!!!!!!!!THERE MY FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD!!

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