Neophile: We Are Scientists, “Impatience”

August 11, 2008

The video for the second single, “Impatience,” from We Are Scientists’ sophomore album, Brain Thrust Mastery, was just released. And it features one of the band members as a werewolf. Like pretty much everything else WAS do, it’s an entertaining mix of funny, geeky and strange (check out the ‘Advice‘ section of their blog for more of this characteristic blend). We Are Scientists are busy, busy guys – they just finished an East Coast tour. Next up is two weeks of festivals in the UK and Europe (including Reading and Pukkelpop), then they are spending most of September supporting REM in Europe, and then they return to the US for a cross-country tour with Kings of Leon, playing Seattle on October 20, 2008.

More We Are Scientists: website myspace allmusic

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