Presidential candidate top 10s, visually

August 15, 2008

Blender magazine polled presumptive party nominees John McCain and Barack Obama to find out their top 10 songs, and then asked Girl Talk and Randy Newman for commentary. Given the role of race in this election, I couldn’t help but notice the differing demographics of the two groups of artists (shown in order, left to right and top to bottom).

Barack Obama:

John McCain:

Personally, I couldn’t imagine voting for someone who had not one, but two ABBA songs in their top five.


  1. I love the pictures you chose for all of them, and I cannot be critical since I’m currently looking for a friend to go to the Neil Diamond concert with me at Fenway.

    The article that originally featured these two lists was from one of the Chicago papers, and did the two of them, and a whole host of Illinois politicians. From that list (which I now cannot find), I felt that Rahm Emanuel has the best musical taste by far.

  2. Found it: Link.

  3. Blender definitely came up with the presidential candidate lists – the byline is fully two weeks before the Trib article, and I’m a little disturbed that they weren’t credited. As for the Chicago pols – I think that CTA president Ron Huberman has pretty good taste too (the inclusion of Death Cab for Cutie and Arcade Fire means he gets a pass on Coldplay).

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