Neophile: Hollerado

October 6, 2008

[embedded YouTube link; if you can’t see it, click here]

Hailing from the small Ontario town of Manotick, but now based in Montreal, Hollerado have just released a great single, “Americanarama” (from their Demo in a Bag 5 EP). Its video is a hilarious spoof of American Apparel, complete with Dave Foley doing a spot-on parody of the company’s notably sleazy founder (and fellow Montrealer), Dov Charney, in over-the-top mustache and lavender Y-fronts. Of course, the nice thing about making a video that indicts the hypersexualized imagery of American Apparel is that you can fill it with women in skintight, metallic leggings, in t-shirts and panties, and the like. To be fair, the band members don’t spare themselves – they also appear in just their skivvies. Make sure you check out the behind-the-scenes video too, to watch the band drink booze out of coffee cups while director George Vale zooms around on rollerblades.

MP3 link: Hollerado – Americanarama (at RCRD LBL)

More: website myspace

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