Video: Kermit the Frog, “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”

December 4, 2008

[embedded YouTube link; if you can’t view it, click here]

This one’s for Scott. Make sure you watch through the end for a surprise.

EDIT: YouTube pulled the video at EMI’s request; you can see the video here. Thanks to Scott for pointing this out in the comments.

[via Brooklyn Vegan]


  1. ha ha ha. i’m outta there. i sure do miss that bitch, brooklyn.

    • Brooklyn totters into your party in her too-high heels, drinks all your booze, makes out with your friends but not you, and you discover the next day that she stole the twenties you keep in the cookie jar for emergencies. You don’t tell your friends any of that, and they think you’re cool just because she showed. Antwerp is the girl in the corner with the charming accent, wearing the locket her grandmother gave her and stylish-but-walkable shoes. She’s sensible and kind, and grateful for any attention that she receives.

  2. Kept waiting for something really horrible to happen to Kermit (like on “Hurt) – kinda glad he’s OK at the end of this one. By the way, have you re-watched Muppets Take Manhattan since you were a kid? It’s just as great as you remember.

  3. nbalkin – I have not. One of these dark rainy quiet Seattle nights, I’ll hole up with some popcorn and a blanket and do so – you’re not the first to make that recommendation.

  4. Given the particulars of the surprise, it’s interesting to note that EMI has complained and YouTube has pulled the video. It’s still available here: link

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