Matador’s year-end anti-list

December 18, 2008


Bored of almost-identical year-end lists? Can’t stand the arbitrary nature of exactly 10, or 20, or 100 items? Has Matador got a list for you! The record label sent an e-mail to its artists, staff and associates, asking for their ‘favorite people/places/things/records/memories from the year about to conclude.’ They then concatenated all the responses into a giant blog posting of 2008 goodness – pages and pages worth. Given the rather vague specification, the posting includes the usual lists of albums and movies, as well as highlights like:

  • ‘Top Ten times I wished I was dead on tour this year’ (Jonah Falco of Fucked Up)
  • ‘Gladly having to cut short a tour in the spastic fuckhole that is America, thank fuck for drummers with serious heart issues’ (Barry Burns of Mogwai)
  • ‘Fried asparagus rolls from the venerable E. Village sushi haunt Sapporo East’ (Jeffrey Jensen)
  • ‘Seeing Eddie Izzard perform live twice. The man is a genius in heels.’ (Annette Lee of 4AD)

Head on over and check out the Matablog list for yourself, and feel free to share highlights or your annotations in the comments.

MP3: Fucked Up – No Epiphany [Daytrotter Session]


  1. I like when labels do stuff like this. Last year Temporary Residence did something similar and it was a good read. I hope they do it again this year.

  2. Oh, I’ll keep an eye out for that. Feel free to comment or ping me if you see it.

  3. Found it!


    I like how every other list mentions some sort of Mexican food.

    • Nice!

      That’s right up Keith’s alley – he has a terrific indie music blog, with extra burritos.

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