MP3 search engine: Sad Steve

May 27, 2009


My favourite recommendations embody unsolicited enthusiasm, so I thought I’d share this one:

Back in the day, I used to really like this website called Sad Steve, which basically searched SeeqPod, but gave you their sources as downloadable links. When SeeqPod died a couple of months ago, I was therefore quite sad, since sadsteve.com became non-functional. However, somehow Sad Steve managed to get their search running again and I am convinced (based on the little I have used it today), that it is better than SeeqPod was. I don’t know how they did this, but I have gotten a lot more results than I used to when they just used SeeqPod. I even managed to find a 16-second clip from this obscure Vermont funk band that I like.

It’s a lot more than just a search engine, so check it out!


Sad Steve


  1. They use http://www.skreemr.com instead now.

    I actually don’t get as many results anymore..

    I used to use skreemr, then if the song I was looking for didn’t show up, I would use sadsteve.

    Well, now, I’m kinda stumped as Skreemr often give little, poor quality, or no results.


    I’m screwed

    • Thanks for the info about the search engine for Sad Steve, Gavin.

  2. This s super website

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