Songkick: social media site for concerts

June 10, 2009

songkick screenshot

Songkick brings together two bright spots in the world of music: fan communities, and live music. On the one hand, it’s an evolving database of live shows, complete with dates, opening bands, and fan-uploaded media like photos, posters and (of course) ticket stubs. On the other hand, you can be a Twitter-like follower of not just artists, but also venues and other users, whether they are your friends from down the block or a music editor on the other side of the world.

While there is lots of concert information on the web, it’s primarily sequestered on either artist sites or on music blogs. Songkick scrapes the web to find information related to live shows, but it seems like the predominant source of content is from users. Like all crowdsourced/social media sites, it’ll continue to get better as more people use it. At the moment the database is still a bit rocky. A search of ‘The Mountain Goats‘ returns two entries: one with an uploaded photo but no concerts, and the other with a 477-show ‘gigography’ but no photos. And the latter doesn’t include the Somerville, MA show on March 25th of this year, which Brad of the eponymous Almanac did a fantastic job of describing, recording, and sharing.

I’d love to see a local music scene make the most of Songkick by ensuring that local indie shows make it onto the site (hint,  Boston Band Crush, ahem): it seems that the ability to follow and connect with other users would be particularly compelling if you could meet them at concerts around town.

[via Underwire]

MP3: John Darnielle – Beach House [with thanks to Bradley’s Almanac; go read what Brad had to say about the show here]


  1. Hi Debcha,

    Thanks very much for writing a post about our new site, and for some great feedback. We definitely need to do a better job of data quality – as you point out with the Mountain Goats example. Our next big project is to set up better tools for cleaning up our data. Hopefully you’ll see some improvements in that area soon.

    Most of our upcoming data comes from our crawlers which pull the information from lots of different ticket sites. This misses some smaller shows though and we’re hoping that hardcore live music fans will help point out other data sources we could crawl or even add the gig to the site themselves.

    Thanks again for the write up.


    • Thanks very much for coming by, Ian. I’m looking forward to seeing Songkick grow and improve.

  2. Roger that loud and clear, Debcha. We’ll look into it!

  3. You caught us! Looks interesting…

  4. yes, we just booted another service (that I won’t name) from our site that we were using for show lists, as I got really tired of shows being listed wrong and bands complaining to us about thier service — we’ll definitely be looking into this!

  5. Heh, I didn’t mean to put Boston Band Crush on the spot (well, actually I did, but you don’t necessarily have to act on it). It just seems like Songkick would be infinitely cooler if you actually got to see your fellow concertgoers at local shows, preferably ones where you aren’t on opposite sides of a giant arena.

  6. […] on Tour: This hack links together info from two focused social media sites,  Songkick for concerts and Dopplr for travel, to make concert recommendations for your upcoming trips. Since […]

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