Crowdsourcing: Built to Spill and radio

June 24, 2009

built to spill

Two current examples of crowdsourcing:

Legendary PNW rockers Built to Spill (pictured) are playing the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle on July 24th and they’ve decided to let their fans vote on the setlist. The Stranger‘s art and music blog, Line Out, has a poll where you can select your first choice of song. I hope that this will go a long way towards shutting down people who yell out requests.

Jelli.net crowdsources radio. Yes, real radio. This Sunday, June 28th, they’ll have the first of their regular slots on San Francisco’s Live 105. For two hours, starting at 10 pm PST, it’ll be an experiment in the real-time crowdsourcing of radio. You can go to the website and vote on songs to be played, and you can even band together with other listeners to pull songs off the air. It looks like the station streams online too, so you don’t even have to be in the Bay Area to check it out.  (via Hypebot)

MP3: Built to Spill – You Were Right [buy]


  1. Nice song. This crowdsourcing sounds fascinating!

    • Yeah, that would definitely be one of the songs I would pick (not sure if I’m going to be able to make the show, unfortunately).

  2. I feel like “crowdsourcing” isn’t anything new to radio. I’ve heard many a station do an “all request Saturday night” or something along those lines. Which is essentially the same thing, except for that part of requesting certain songs NOT be played. I like that.

    And the idea of a complete fan created setlist is a great idea. I hope it happens a little more in the future. However, even if I voted for a song to be played, I probably wouldn’t want to see the final setlist (assuming I’d be able to), as I like the surprise and mystery of a live show.

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