The zed equals zee gift guide

December 13, 2009

We like music, geeking out, and indie manufacturers.

Two gorgeous prints by Cat and Girl. The one on the left is a timeline of hits by genre, and the one on the right is a list of first names in hit singles by here (click images for larger images and purchase links).

Indie rock snark from Diesel Sweeties. Regular readers know that I’m a big fan of rstevens and his webcomic. He has a range of music and indie rock shirts with slogans like, “I’m a rocker. I rock out.” and “I liked you better before you sold out.”

Music +  Science = Sexy. What more is there to say? Get it on a t-shirt. From Questionable Content.

Destroyer’s Rubies infographic limited edition print. By Jez Burrows of the UK-based graphic design collective Evening Tweed.

Atari Punk Console sound generator. I blogged about making one of these at Music Hack Day Boston. Jimmie Rodgers has just put some of the kits on sale at his website.

Since I’m stupidly late in posting this, we’re hard up against Christmas deadlines. Go! Go now!

What do I want for the holidays? I’m thinking a subscription to a UK proxy server so I can watch BBC TV and listen to Spotify…

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