1. I guess it’s official that I’m an old timer, but if I see a band with special characters anywhere near them, chances are I’m not going to listen. FFS, I don’t even like —’s.

    My younger cousin seems to fall into the “Don’t be online at all” category. He makes music wherever he can and will either email family and friends the song (sort of online) or make homemade CDs to give out as gifts. I’m a big fan of it but it’s clearly not going to make him a huge success.

    The misspelling thing DEFINITELY works. I have a friend/artist Jay McCarrol who got insane traffic to very little he had online after a guy from Americas Next Top Model (I think?) named Jay McCarroll won it. I don’t think 21,000 people really cared about hearing an acoustic guitar cover of ‘Hyperballad’ on youtube…

    • I’m stoked to hear about your younger cousin! I kind of theorized that a lot of handcrafted, unshared music was happening, but it’s cool to have some direct evidence.

  2. How about !!! ?

    Apparently, the original name of the pre-Underworld band Freur was an unpronounceable squiggle. There was at least one other mid-’80s band whose name was the waveform representation of a wordless yelp. Hard to file, let alone Google.

  3. Well, !!! is just hard to pronounce (and let me put a vote in for the nerd-version: ‘bang bang bang’) but it’s a perfectly searchable name and it works fine with metadata, so it didn’t really fit the category.

    Freur, on the other hand, did do a good job of being unfindable (and they caved and went with a ‘real’ name, obviously).

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