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zed equals zee is a blog that is about culture, technology, and independent music, and about how these worlds are evolving. For bite-size chunks of the same, check out its companion Tumblr blog.

Its principal author, debcha, is based in Cambridge, MA; in the words of Spinal Tap’s manager, ‘not a big college town.’  Her day job mostly involves warping impressionable young minds and doing research. By night, she is a live music and techno junkie. You can follow debcha on Twitter, see her photos on Flickr, her profiles on last.fm and SoundCloud, or send her e-mail at debcha AT gmail DOT com.

debcha is from Toronto, ON originally, which explains her erratic use of both US and non-US spellings.

The text on this blog is made available under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to disseminate anything you read here, but please attribute it and let me know.


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