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Feedback on the blog is always welcome.

We do a limited amount of music review on this site. However, if you are or you represent an artist that makes music that would fit with this blog, please read this first, and then e-mail me at the address above. If you add my address to your mailing list without asking for and receiving permission, your e-mails will be deleted with extreme prejudice and you will be publicly derided.

The text on this blog is licensed through a Creative Commons license. If you wish to use anything here for commercial purposes, please e-mail me.

MANDATORY FTC DISCLOSURE: Occasionally people offer me CDs, links to music downloads, items to give away to readers, or complimentary access to shows. Even more occasionally, I actually write about something that I am given. No money changes hands, and I  only write about stuff I like.

If you are looking to influence the editorial content on this site, you should know that I am easily swayed by single-malt Scotch (preferably Islay), Theo chocolate, and major research grants.

One comment

  1. I remembered your site! even without writing it down and after a couple of bevvies no less! Love that you love LCD Soundsystem. Love that you get out to see so much live music. If I get a Boston layover we’ll have to get to a gig! Happy 2008 D! G

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