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Coverage: Buffetlibre’s Rewinded and Rewind2

January 12, 2009


Guest blogger Scott writes:

Buffetlibre has just released the second half of their epic compilation of new artists (many of whom I’ve never heard of) covering 70s, 80s, and 90s (but mostly 80s) songs. I had a few tracks from the first half, but hadn’t sat down and dug through it carefully. This release gave me the opportunity to really look at both parts. There’s the odd dance remix track and a lot of more tribute-y tracks that don’t distinguish themselves from the original to any great extent, but I’ve found a few real gems. I won’t offer too much commentary here, because part of the enjoyment for me was plowing through the list and stumbling across covers of songs I haven’t thought about in at least a decade. For those who might prefer a faster approach than song-by-song, there’s a single (large) downloadable archive with all the files in the right-hand sidebar on the front page. The sidebar claims that they have a similar downloadable archive for Part 1 on their MySpace page, but I couldn’t find it.

MP3: Freezepop – Only You (Yaz/Yazoo cover)