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Hypetape: new playlist site

May 12, 2009


Hypetape describes itself, somewhat redundantly, as ‘the illegitimate lovechild of The Hype Machine and Muxtape.’ It scrapes the web for MP3s, and lets you put together playlists, which you can save and share. They don’t host any of the music (so they aren’t vulnerable to filesharing charges). It’s a neat idea, with a straightforward interface, but there’s one major problem: music posted to blogs is almost always ephemeral, whether by choice or necessity.  That means that the life expectancy of your playlists is shorter than a snowball in a supernova. I did a test search on British Sea Power and I think that the resultant songs were ordered chronologically (“Come Wander With Me” was at the top), but it would be useful to see a posting date, so you’d at least have a sense of when the best-by date would be.  What would make this a really compelling application, as far as I’m concerned, is if I could use Hypetape to pull together a mixtape, and then for it to automagically find and download the MP3s, and have them appear as a labeled playlist in iTunes. Ideally, it’d be coupled with a good music exploration or recommendation system, to make it easy to find artists that I didn’t already know about (if anyone is listening, I would also like a pony).

What do you think? What would you want to see in a playlist site?

[image: buy the t-shirt!]

MP3: British Sea Power – Come Wander With Me


Jeffrey Lewis, “My 2008 in a Nutshell”

January 8, 2009


Musician and comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis did a funny-but-heartbreaking cartoon for the New York Times’ music blog, headlined A Year in Love and Music. Click on the image to check out the whole thing.

More about Jeffrey Lewis: website myspace videos

MP3: British Sea Power – Waving Flags


Incoming! New music and upcoming concerts

January 20, 2008

British Sea Power at the Middle East

Three albums that I’ve been looking forward to:

Just released: The new Magnetic Fields album, Distortion, which Stephin Merritt describes as inspired by Jesus and Mary Chain‘s Psychocandy, ‘Just getting to a sound that’s raw and dirty and not inaudible takes a lot of work.’ Their two nights in Boston are sold out, unfortunately, at least at the moment (thank you, TicketBastard) but you might have better luck elsewhere.

Also just out, British Sea Power‘s third album, Do You Like Rock Music? Hell yeah, especially if it’s the new BSP. Unfortunately, looks like they don’t have any East Coast tour dates yet, but I’m optimistic.

And coming out next month: Heretic Pride, the gazillionth release by the Mountain Goats. They are hitting both high and low culture in Boston, playing at the Museum of Fine Arts and at the Middle East Downstairs on consecutive nights.

MP3: The Magnetic Fields – Too Drunk to Dream

MP3: British Sea Power – Waving Flags

MP3: The Mountain Goats – Sax Rohmer #1