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The Decemberists want you to design a poster

February 25, 2009


The Decemberists are headlining NPR’s opening night showcase at SXSW, where they’ll be playing the entirety of their new album The Hazards of Love, scheduled for release on the 24th. Their label, Capitol Records, has teamed up with Imeem to sponsor a contest to design a poster for the show. You can find full details here.

If you’re going to be in Austin, their show is at Stubb’s on Wednesday, March 18th. Even if you’re not in Texas, you can still get in on the act; NPR will be streaming them live at their SXSW site.

MP3: The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song [pre-order]


Unintended consequences

September 13, 2008

Indie record label Kill Rock Stars—home to Sleater-Kinney, The Decemberists, et alia—recently relocated to Portland, OR; back in the Pacific Northwest after a brief sojourn in New York City (they were founded in Olympia, WA). Its owner, Portia Sabin, was interviewed in Sound magazine, and she made this comment about the rise of digital music sales:

We definitely have seen a decline in physical sales, but, with that being said, iTunes has been unbelievable. In the old days, like three years ago, we would get four royalty checks a year. So it would be complete feast or famine. Now, because of iTunes, we get paid every single month, boom boom boom. I don’t have those, “Oh God, we can’t put out another record because we don’t get paid for another month” moments anymore.

This an interesting side effect of digital music—stabilizing the cash flow of independent record labels so they can get on with the job of putting out new albums.

MP3: The Decemberists – Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect