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How $1500 headphones are made

March 20, 2009


Ever wondered how ultra-high-end headphones are made? CNet UK went on a tour of the Sennheiser factory in Hanover, Germany to watch the fabrication of their HD 800 headphones, and they are sharing a photo tour. It’s pretty cool – while some parts are shipped to the factory from elsewhere, all of the electronics are assembled in-house, by hand, and only fifty pairs are made each day.

If you have (or are thinking of getting) a pair of these babies, you damn well better be able to tell the difference between MP3 bitrates and you’d better prefer higher-fidelity music. Otherwise, me and a crack team of my music-loving friends will have to come to your house and administer a stern talking-to.

Photo tour of the factory here, and a review of the HD 800s here.