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Coverage: Johnny Cash, “If You Could Read My Mind”

October 1, 2008

In keeping with this week’s de facto celebration of Canadian music, here’s a Johnny Cash cover of Gordon Lightfoot‘s 1970 hit, “If You Could Read My Mind.” If you’ve never heard the song before, and part of it sounds familiar, you might be familiar with Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All.” Lightfoot sued its songwriter, Michael Masser, alleging that Masser lifted part of the melody (“I don’t where we went wrong, but the feeling’s gone, and I just can’t get it back” in the Lightfoot song lines up with “I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow” in the Houston version). They settled out of court and Masser publicly apologized.

Needless to say, the Johnny Cash version (and even the Lightfoot original) blows the Whitney Houston song out of the water.

MP3: Johnny Cash – If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot cover)


Coverage: The Mekons, “Folsom Prison Blues”

August 30, 2008

The Mekons were one of the early British punk bands (along with the Damned and the Buzzcocks), but their music evolved into post-punk and then began to incorporate country influences like Hank Williams. This song pulls those disparate styles together in one terrific Johnny Cash cover.

More Mekons: myspace website

MP3: The Mekons – Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)

Image: Mural: Johnny Cash stencil graffiti by Flickr user Franco Folini, reposted here under its Creative Commons license.