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Threesome: hits and misses

June 2, 2008

female iconAs the requisite counterpart to the previous Threesome, here are three songs whose titles feature a female honorific. Not to get too gender-stereotyped, but they contrast sharply with the angular, aggressive songs in the male version. And oddly enough, they are all from sophomore albums. Up first, the Dresden Dolls’ “Mrs. O”, from their album, Yes, Virginia. Next, “Miss Teen Wordpower” from The New Pornographers’ Electric Version. Finally, “Miss Idaho” by Ox (from American Lo Fi, on Toronto’s awesome indie label, weewerk) is a beautiful country-ish song about leaving the city behind.

MP3: The Dresden Dolls – Mrs. O (more Dresden Dolls)

MP3: The New Pornographers – Miss Teen Wordpower (more New Pornographers)

MP3: Ox – Miss Idaho (more Ox)

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