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….aaaand, we’re back! (kind of)

July 24, 2009

Apologies to our loyal readerszed equals zee‘s crack blogging team got kind of hammered by work responsibilities (and I am now increasingly in awe of Michael Epstein of The Motion Sick).

We won’t be back to our full schedule until August, but we will be posting over the coming week as z=z headquarters relocate back to Boston – if you’re a longtime reader, you may recall our move out west. As we’ll be doing it as an epic cross-Canada trek, stay tuned for a special week focusing on independent Canadian music. Finally, I’ve been sitting on this great bio of Sonic Youth and I have a copy of it to give away, so keep an eye out for that (and I’ll do my best to mail it from some hamlet in the middle of the Great White North).

Finally, we’re planning another  zed equals zee happy hour in August, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Off-topic: do not adjust your Internet

June 26, 2009

europe map

Just a  heads-up that updates to zed equals zee might be intermittent over the next two weeks, as I’ll be traveling in Europe. If you’re not already subscribed via RSS, now might be a good time (posts, comments). And, as ever, you can follow me on Twitter, where I’ll continue to microblog music and tech stuff, as well as the usual minutiae.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably care about the intersection of music, culture and technology. Interested in doing a guest post? Drop me a line at debcha at gmail dot com. And tips (the information kind) are always welcome.

Finally, if you have suggestions on cool things to do in Amsterdam, Delft, Rotterdam, Antwerp or, especially, Berlin, please leave them in the comments! I got a great set of suggestions when I went to Austin last week, and I really appreciated them.

MP3: Kraftwerk – Trans Europe Express (live) [buy]

Image: Satirical map of Europe by Paul Hadol, 1870. Read more about it here.


Off-topic: Austin recommendations?

June 12, 2009

planet austin

Got a fave meal from SXSW? A favourite bar? Know a divey little place with the best Mexican in the city? I’m heading to Austin for a few days, and I’m looking for things to do, places to eat and drink, and live music venues where I stand a good chance of hearing something cool. I know that many readers of this blog are musicians or who’ve otherwise had reason to hang out in Austin – what was memorable? Where’s the first place you’re going to go when you arrive next March? Please share your suggestions in the comments.

(If you’re interested in where I end up going, you can follow me on Twitter.)

EDIT: Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone! Unfortunately, I didn’t end up with a lot of free time, but I did end up seeing LOTS of motorcycles and eating BBQ at Stubb’s and at Iron Works.

MP3: Spoon – All the Pretty Girls Go to the City [buy]

Image:  Austin Mini Planet by Flickr user Hi I’m Santi, reposted here under its Creative Commons license.