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Desktop version of a digital instrument

June 1, 2009

Developer Andre Michelle played with the Yamaha Tenori-On (see video above) at a conference in Frankfurt, and then went home and wrote a gorgeous Flash version called ToneMatrix. It’s beautiful, and addictive, and now I really want it on my iPhone. Check it out yourself here.


When worlds collide

May 1, 2008

John Darnielle (yes, again) upbraids Roland and Yamaha for not providing gear for the live version of Model 500, Juan Atkins’s band:

You need to get right, Roland and Yamaha. You need to get right. Juan Atkins is in this band. Without guys like Juan Atkins figuring out how to work your machines and making great sounds with them, they’d be useless crates. You don’t actually think people made tracks like this just by reading your impenetrable manuals, right?

Full post here, at Last Plane to Jakarta.

Resident Advisor article on Model 500, here.