Concert notes: Dan Deacon at MassArt

February 3, 2008

[Massachusetts College of Art and Design; January 31st, 2008]

Dan Deacon brought his Ultimate Reality Tour to MassArt on Thursday night, for a pretty low-key show, as this signage on a nearby bus shelter sugests. The video art was fun, especially for aficionados of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies (we clocked all three Terminators, Predator, Total Recall, Junior, and Kindergarten Cop). Unfortunately, Deacon’s headlining gig was a bit of a disappointment; the sound wasn’t amazing, and it was cut short by a Silly String-confiscating campus cop. The fun surprise of the night were openers Big Digits, whose dance-oriented electro filled the Pozen Auditorium with a pulsating mass of sweaty art-school kids.

Dan Deacon’s blue shirt

Incidentally, Dan Deacon’s favourite blue concert shirt is starting to look pretty threadbare; if anyone knows where to get another teal shirt with a psychedelic colourburst of tropical birds on the front, maybe he’d be willing to trade in the original.

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