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The top five beards in indie rock

May 3, 2008

A few weeks ago, WMBR had a column in The Tech that included a list of the ‘Top 5 Beards in Indie Rock.’ The top spot was held by perpetually clean-shaven Stephen Malkmus, in honour of the Jicks’ sold-out show at the Paradise on April 3rd. While I totally agree with their inclusion of Sam Beam (of Iron and Wine) and Devendra Banhart, and Doug Martsch of Built to Spill definitely deserves an honourable mention, I’m going to suggest a different top 3:

3. Dan Deacon

2. Dan Bejar

But the number one spot, unquestionably, goes collectively to Ladyhawk, pictured above. They are currently on tour, which means you’ll have a chance to check out the beardage in person.

MP3: Ladyhawk – S.T.H.D.

Got a favourite beard that I missed? Feel free to suggest it in the comments.


Concert notes: Dan Deacon at MassArt

February 3, 2008

[Massachusetts College of Art and Design; January 31st, 2008]

Dan Deacon brought his Ultimate Reality Tour to MassArt on Thursday night, for a pretty low-key show, as this signage on a nearby bus shelter sugests. The video art was fun, especially for aficionados of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies (we clocked all three Terminators, Predator, Total Recall, Junior, and Kindergarten Cop). Unfortunately, Deacon’s headlining gig was a bit of a disappointment; the sound wasn’t amazing, and it was cut short by a Silly String-confiscating campus cop. The fun surprise of the night were openers Big Digits, whose dance-oriented electro filled the Pozen Auditorium with a pulsating mass of sweaty art-school kids.

Dan Deacon’s blue shirt

Incidentally, Dan Deacon’s favourite blue concert shirt is starting to look pretty threadbare; if anyone knows where to get another teal shirt with a psychedelic colourburst of tropical birds on the front, maybe he’d be willing to trade in the original.


2007 in review: Dan Deacon

December 21, 2007

The best concert I went to in 2007 was twenty minutes long.

I had gone to see Dan Deacon at Avalon, where he started off a concert with Simian Mobile Disco and Girl Talk. As usual, I misjudged exactly how stupidly early Avalon starts its concerts, and I managed to miss him entirely. But a friend of mine texted me to say that Deacon was doing a show at the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain, and so I went home, got my car, and drove out to catch his show. It started at 12:40 pm and ended, thanks to Boston’s draconian licensing laws, at exactly 1 am.

The military spends a lot of energy trying to create sonic weapons that make you want to throw up, run away, or otherwise feel terrible. But no one is systematically trying to find sounds that make you feel really, really amazing. Fortunately, we do have accidental empiricists like Dan Deacon. Something about his music just goes straight to your pleasure centres, makes you happy, and makes you want to dance. It was remarkable – within a few seconds of his starting to play, we were all happily bouncing along. Whatever acoustic anti-weapon he’s discovered, however, doesn’t really seem to be captured in his recorded music. If he plays near you, go see him live, even if you don’t think you like electronic music.

MP3: Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat

Geek out: An interactive guide to Dan Deacon’s gear.