The top five beards in indie rock

May 3, 2008

A few weeks ago, WMBR had a column in The Tech that included a list of the ‘Top 5 Beards in Indie Rock.’ The top spot was held by perpetually clean-shaven Stephen Malkmus, in honour of the Jicks’ sold-out show at the Paradise on April 3rd. While I totally agree with their inclusion of Sam Beam (of Iron and Wine) and Devendra Banhart, and Doug Martsch of Built to Spill definitely deserves an honourable mention, I’m going to suggest a different top 3:

3. Dan Deacon

2. Dan Bejar

But the number one spot, unquestionably, goes collectively to Ladyhawk, pictured above. They are currently on tour, which means you’ll have a chance to check out the beardage in person.

MP3: Ladyhawk – S.T.H.D.

Got a favourite beard that I missed? Feel free to suggest it in the comments.


  1. Not sure that html will work well here so I’m just going to post links and see what happens.

    [edited to provide links rather than URLs]

    Band of Horses
    The lead dude (too lazy to find his name) has a pretty amazing beard. He’s the guy in the center with the obviously great beard.

    Kompressor/Dog Trader/Drew
    The man behind Kompressor and Dog Trader, while not currently involved with Indie Rock, still has one heck of great beard going on.

    Peter SteeleType O Negative
    That’s a pretty awful photo of Peter but he’s got the cojones to shave his beard into a shape that is, intentionally or not, 1/2 of his band’s logo flipped vertically. I know he’s not really indie rock, but come on, that’s great.

    Josh SilverType O Negative.
    He dyes his hair, but not his beard. Uber-goth biker old man look. I heartily approve.

  2. Surely Will Oldham has to be on any list of good beards?

  3. Bonnie Prince Billy! Good call, Simon!

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