Coverage: The Motion Sick at Influenza

January 28, 2009


Tomorrow night (Thursday, January 29) is the premiere of “Influenza,” a new Boston-based monthly show that features local artists playing a mix of their original material and covers of songs that influenced them (hence the title). I think this is a great idea – one of the things that makes it a little tough to see a new band for the first time is the absence of the familiar. You don’t really know what they sound like, or what to expect, and unless you are a dedicated neophile, that’s a little off-putting. “Influenza” makes it a little easier to go out and try some new music, because you know you’ll hear something you’ll recognize, even if it’s from a band you’ve never heard before. Conversely, however, you’ll get to hear original music too – it’s a far cry from cheesy cover bands.

So go check out the show tomorrow night at Great Scott. If you need some additional motivation, this show includes z=z faves (and fellow bloggers) The Motion Sick.

Boston Globe article on Influenza

MP3: The Motion Sick – 30 Lives [buy]


  1. I’m gonna try to catch this show tomorrow. Any band that sings about the most celebrated cheat code of a generation deserves major props (and anyone who tells you they reached the Alien’s Lair on three lives is probably lying). I love their latest album The Truth Will Catch You, Just Wait … awesome little guitar hook on the opening track “Jean-Paul.” Their jangly cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is also very cool.

  2. This is a great idea. I had no idea that’s what the “Influenza” thing meant. I’ll have to check this out next time.

  3. Nick, were you able to make the show? I’m really sorry I was on the opposite coast.

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