Band start times

January 29, 2009


I have to admit that I’m OCD enough that I love when venues post set times, and bands follow them. The clock with the big red LED digits at TT the Bear’s is my friend.

More Toothpaste for Dinner.

MP3: Simian Mobile Disco – Clock [buy]


  1. Agreed. I think the worst offender is Great Scott. I remember the worst time was seeing Lightning Bolt there a few years ago. We had to wait over 2 hours for the first band to start playing. Ridiculous.

  2. oh this stuff drives me nuts. and as both a band member and a showgoer. argh!

    I also would like to know what is up with sun-wed shows all having to start after 9 and go til midnight??? why not start at like 7, end at 10, and then give the serious drinkers who are gonna stay out late some space so that their slurrings can be heard by one another?

    • Well, I kind of like 9 pm starts, as it gives me time to have dinner after getting home (ridiculously late) from work. But mostly, I would just love it if venues posted set-times widely (ie on their website, ahead of time, not just on their door that evening) and then actually stuck to the timing, because then I could at least plan accordingly. It’s the two hours of aimlessly drinking beer at a bar waiting indefinitely for a band that I find problematic, not the late nights per se.

      I will freely note that I have a Type A personality and undiagnosed OCD, however.

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