Band Metrics: track your band online

February 23, 2009


Band Metrics is a semantic web start-up that lets  you track your band across social media. Modeled after Google Analytics, it’s being designed to let you monitor where your music is being listened to, shared, or talked about; the image above, for example, is a graphic of plays at different sites. While tracking online statistics is not quite as glamorous as, say,  hanging out in the green room drinking with groupies, Band Metrics is intended to give you the tools to track the dissemination of, and sentiments towards, your music online (since, if you have a band in 2009, you probably don’t have a manager excitedly calling you with the latest SoundScan figures).

It’s currently in private beta, but is scheduled to open to the public in a few weeks, once they sort out some kinks. You can register at their site.

Band Metrics

Via ReadWriteWeb. Thanks to David for the heads-up!

MP3: Bon Iver – Skinny Love [buy; Bon Iver’s Rise in Popularity]


  1. That’s great! I’ve been doing a bit of this myself using a combination of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, so it’s great to see a service that offers so much!

  2. a very welcome innovation, indeed, for this informatics freak!

    aside: has anybody else out there ever opened up 50 myspace tabs at once in firefox just to see what it feels like to have over 200 “plays” in a day?

  3. […] We wrote about Band Metrics, a music analytics service that aggregates data from across the web, a few months ago. The site was demo’ed at the conference. While it’s still in private beta, conference […]

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