PSA: Please return Library Voices’ gear

February 23, 2009

[embedded YouTube video; if you can’t watch it, click here]

Library Voices had $10,000 worth of gear stolen from their tour van in Vancouver while on a tour of western Canada. The ten-piece pop collective from Regina (that’s in Saskatchewan) make a heartfelt and funny plea for its return in the video above.

Even if you don’t have any help on stolen-gear front, you should still check out their brilliant new EP, Hunting Ghosts and Other Collective Shorts. It’s a fantastic mixture of intriguing lyrics, pop hooks, and anthemic choruses.

myspace website

MP3: Library Voices – Step Off the Map & Float [buy]

[via CBC Radio 3]


  1. These guys sounds awesome, pity about their gear.
    I hope it gets back to them quickly!

    Maybe we can recruit the Web 2.0 community to raise money for new instruments and what-not?

  2. […] It’s an appropriate title for an intensely-collaborative effort from the seven-member group (large groups seem to in the zeitgeist these days). Nearly two years in the making, the album was a […]

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