Neophile: The Rest, Everyone All At Once

March 3, 2009


Hamilton, Ontario’s The Rest are set to release their sophomore album, Everyone All At Once, in April. It’s an appropriate title for an intensely-collaborative effort from the seven-member group (large groups seem to in the zeitgeist these days). Nearly two years in the making, the album was a two-stage process. First, they left the distractions of the city behind and holed up in a pair of cabins on a lake to write and arrange all the songs, and then followed it up with a return to the city and an intense period of rehearsals and recording.

And boy, does it show. The arrangements are gorgeous, and the production is clear and atmospheric without sounding overproduced. The music cross-pollinates intense, bombastic Arcade Fire-like sounds with melancholy and heart-tugging vocals, reminiscent of The Awkward Stage. The combination is both immediately engaging and rewarding of multiple listens. “Apples and Allergies” is the official single, but I found myself humming the B-side, “Walk On Water” to myself at odd times, so I’m going to share that here instead.

Hear more of The Rest at their Myspace page, where you can also buy their first album and the new single. So far all their tour dates are in Southern Ontario, but I’m hoping for a wider-ranging summer tour in support of the new album.

MP3: The Rest – Walk on Water


  1. hmmm, not convinced. A poor man’s Arcade Fire, and his voice reminds me of Phoebe’s, from Friends…And I hate Friends.

    • Thanks for coming by, Paul.

      Of course, one amazing (not to say transformative) aspect of the Internet is that a infinite spectrum of music, including music you like, is just a click or two away.

  2. Aye, ’tis true.

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