Upcoming: The ‘Nac Proudly Presents!

April 29, 2009


Boston has been blessed with more great shows than usual recently, as this town’s hard-working and -playing music bloggers have been lining up bands to play for our mutual enjoyment. And the big gun is coming out this week – Bradley’s Almanac is hosting a night of bands at TT the Bear’s this Friday, May 1st. Headliners are Minneapolis’ Now, Now Every Children, and they’ll be supported by Boston’s The Hush Now and You Can Be A Wesley, as well as Vermont’s Let’s Whisper. If you haven’t yet, you should go to the ‘Nac and read Brad’s description – it makes me want to get on a plane and fly to Boston for the festivities (admittedly, I already need to buy him a drink and thank him for recording the John Darnielle show). He’s posted MP3s from each of the bands, but I’m using this as an excuse to remind you that The Hush Now‘s entire album is available for free download, so you should check it out before you go.

MP3: The Hush Now – Traditions [download]

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