Music venues with good food

April 30, 2009


A recent article in Gourmet, “Eight Great Rock Venues With Great Food,” combines two of my obsessions, food and live music (three if you count travel) The article is written by Mia Clarke, guitarist of Electrelane (who are now on indefinite hiatus), and is gleaned from her years of touring with the band. Cambridge’s own Middle East made the cut for its fare, as did the Bite Cafe at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. Nothing made the list from Seattle, sadly (although the Triple Door got a shout-out in the comments). While not on Clarke’s list, the reputation of Stubbs Bar-B-Q in Austin has reached the barbecue-deprived north, and I’m looking forward to checking it out this summer (SXSWers, any feedback?). I’d also add Toronto’s Sneaky Dee’s for its Mexican fare; it frequently appears in the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, and his band, Sex Bob-omb plays there (inevitably, the performance is interrupted by a homicidal robot, which Scott fights off with his bass guitar).

Check out the list, and then tell us what you think it’s missing. Where do you go in your ‘hood for good food and good music?

MP3: Electrelane – To The East [buy]


  1. I travel in a slightly different circle from Electrelane (and oh, how I wish they’d become active again, but I digress), but I can vouch for the awesomeness of the Doug Fir in Portland. And the hotel it’s attached to, the Jupiter is the best place to stay in the PNW, IMO. Also, The Earl in Atlanta has the best burgers *anywhere*.

    Stubb’s BBQ is indeed all that and a side of slaw, but it’s not the best BBQ in Austin. I think that title belongs to the Iron Works, a few blocks away (though others would say it’s the Salt Lick). But that said, Stubb’s Sunday Gospel Brunch is wonderful, and we actually plan our SXSW travel around it (though the buffet offerings were a bit scaled back this year).

    I should put an essay together about the “best acoustic coffeehouse food in the US”, as I have my own personal list of that from my experience. 🙂

  2. The food at Church (the former Linwood) is expensive for a music venue, but delicious.

  3. Meredith, thanks so much for the Austin barbecue suggestions. I’m thinking I’m going to have to head down to Portland once more before I leave. And I would totally love to read your coffeehouse food essay!

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